Bamboo Bansuri – Simple


The Bansuri is named after the combination of two words; Bans which means bamboo and Sur which means musical note. The Bansuri is made of a single length of bamboo and has six to eight open fingers holes. Bansuri or Flute (literally Bamboo Flute) is a cylindrical tube made of bamboo with uniform bore and closed at one end. Bansuris or Flutes are of different kinds and lengths and number of holes varies. The length can vary from eight inches to tow and half feet that is 30 inch. There is mouth hole in every flute. In addition to it there are 6 to 8 holes arranged in a straight line. The range of the bansuri or flute is about 2 and half octaves. Long bansuris or flutes have a rich, deep and mellow tone whereas in small bansuris or flutes the tone is high pitched.


Bamboo Bansuri – Simple


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