Payment Methods

Credit or Debit Card:
Just recently NMB Bank, Himalayan Bank, Nepal Investment Bank & Nabil Bank Ltd., we started accepting credit card or debit card payment in Nepal. This is just a starting phase so there can be some difficulties.
Currently we will be accepting American Express, Master Card and Visa, In the near future we will also be able to accept Union Pay and Payoneer.

Things to be noted when Accepting this mode of payment.

  1. As usual with our business format you cannot directly purchase items from the website. You send in you inquires or order we check for availability and send you a payment link
  2. For your Security, Your card will not be processed our the website. you will be sent to then banks website in a secured server where you will submit your credential for the payment.

Bank Transfer – Preferred:
This is the most preferred and legal mode of payment. Nepal has designed its export platform in a way that no goods can be exported out of the country without receiving the full payment of the goods in advance. The Banks provide the advance payment certificate on the basic of the payment received , and on the basis of the certificate we can export the goods in full valuation completely in Legal way. We will hearty appreciate if you decide to use this mode of payment.

Things to be noted when Accepting this mode of payment.

  1. Shipment will be dispatched only after we receive the payment in our bank.(It can be 5 to 7 business working days.)
  2. We will bare the bank charges only in shipment over USD $500 /-
  3. In situation when goods are to be manufactured, We can proceed making the order, if you send the copy of the transfer.

Account information will be provided on Request

Money Transfer / Remit:
This is the most used money transfer, We will receive the money you sent almost immediately. Hence it is most used method of payment. Cost of sending money may very from service provider please select the cheapest remit from your country. with the link provided below.

We support three service providers only.

  1. Weston Union Money Transfer
  2. Money Gram
  3. IME – International Money Express

Things to be noted when Accepting this mode of payment.

  1. Shipment will be Process or dispatched immediately (Might take 1 to 3 working days)

Payment Making process
Please send the Transfer in following Names.
Receiver Name : Hygienic Craft and Beads

Location : Gausala, Kathmandu & Thamel, KTM., Nepal.
Phone : 977-01-5252255
Receiver Name : Prem Bdr. Karki ( Hygienic Craft and Beads)
Location : Chhaya Center, Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal.
Mobile : 977-9851207455